Advanced Register
  • 25 Jan 2024
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Advanced Register

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Article summary

This module is currently available as a basic register to log transactions (cash flows) for loans by establishing specified accounts, meaning that Bryt allows you to create custom Register Accounts and rename existing register accounts.

This will be explained in two parts:

  1.  Admin tab - to create custom register accounts *(and track cash flows for a loan.)
  2.  Loan tab - where you'll be able to see the Register and view details involving the loan's Credits and Debits 


To make a register account type visit the Admin tab, and click on 'Register Accounts' on the left-hand column. From there you will see the default account types and any previously created custom account types. To create a new register account type, click on the 'Add Account' button.

From here you will be prompted with fields for the register account's: Name, Description, and designated Account Type. There are seven account types you can have: Assets, Asste(Bank), Liabilities, Equity, Income, Expenses, and Trust. The 'Assets' type is the only option with a check box to determine whether or not the account type will be a bank account.

For our example, we're going with a Repairs expense account type. However, at the moment we can't do much by creating custom account types. The created account types will simply appear in the Register Accounts list under the Admin tab. From there you can delete the account type by using the 'Del' button, or edit it to change the account name or description using the 'Edit' button.


Once you have created your custom register account or simply want to view a loan's register, go to a loan's summary and click on the 'Register' tab on the left-hand column.

You'll now be able to view the register (for the loan you've selected). From here you can see dates and associated transactions with details like the transaction: Type, Account, Check number, and Credit or Debit

For testing purposes I added an Impound Fee (Taxes) for $100 which is listed in the register as a '350 - Impound Payable' account, that's the default for this register account. I also added an NSF lender fee for $35 which appears as a '505 - NSF' register account type, but this account type was custom-made when creating a new lender fee type. 

To accomplish creating a new lender fee type with a custom-made register account, first, ensure you have the lender fees add-module enabled on your Bryt account. Then review the Lender Fees article to learn about configuring the proposed lender fee type with an associated register account. 

Once that's done you'll be able to track those newly created lender fee types through their associated register account (number). In our example, we've added an impound fee and two lender fee types, one mentioned previously, and the other being a Down Payment lender fee of $250 tied to the 500 account number. 

*Roadmap: Advanced Functionality
We plan on updating basic register functionality to include advanced accounting register functions by Q4 of 2023.