Our Focus on Usability
  • 12 Jun 2023
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Our Focus on Usability

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We are committed to making Bryt Software easy to use.  Every inch of Bryt is engineered to make your job easier.   Our goal is to make our entire interface intuitive, easy to adopt, and effortless to use with minimal training.  One way that we achieve this goal is to apply standardization of features and functionality across the site.  If you learn how to use a feature in one area, you can apply that across the entire site.  Our design standardization follows universal usability design concepts.

In addition to the standard 10 Usability Heuristics, Bryt Software is committed to the following design principles:

  • Keep It Simple - Only provide features and functionality that the user needs to do their job… no unnecessary content.
  • Consistency – The look and feel (Buttons, Tables, Page Layouts, Backgrounds, Color Schemes and Typefaces), as well as functionality, terminology, processes will be consistent across the site.  
  • Speak the Users Language – We will provide clear and concise labels for fields and actions using terminology that the user understands.
  • Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors - Error messages will be expressed in plain language (we won’t use system language to describe what the system is doing), precisely indicate the problem, and constructively suggest a solution.
  • Provide Multiple Methods of Help and Documentation  
  • Tailor options for completing the work to the skill of the user.  Provide wizards for beginners and shortcuts for power users.

Some of our usability features include:

  • GUIDE ME Tours - Our interactive guides provide step by step instruction on how to complete certain tasks. 
  • Implementation Checklist - Our implementation checklist keeps track of your progress throughout your implementation.
  • Global Search Capability - with “type ahead” technology to quickly find the data you are looking for no matter where you are in the application.
  • Quick Tools - Links to tools that help you perform common functions/tasks.
  • Product Videos - Videos designed to help users get the most out of the Bryt system. 
  • Standard List Functionality – Once you learn how to work with one list on our site, you can apply the same concepts to every list in the site.
  • Process Wizards - help you complete various functions within the site by walking you through a questionnaire designed to help you perform the task.



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